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Therapeutic Process & Fees

Psychological assessment

Therapy begins with a thorough assessment of your current difficulties, relevant history, and goals to work towards. This usually takes 1-2 sessions

Systemic working

You are welcome to invite family members / partners / important friends to some or all of your therapy sessions if this is helpful to you. Upon your request, I can also offer individual sessions to other people who are important to you, if and when this is helpful to inform the work we are doing together

Psychological formulation

In the second stage of therapy, we work collaboratively to gain an understanding of what might have led to your difficulties, what might be maintaining them, and what work might help to address them. We will return to this throughout therapy to help ensure we are on the right track


Sessions are 50-60 minutes in duration. Fees are £110 per session for telephone or zoom therapy, and £120 per session for face-to face therapy. Occasionally when working with couples / families, a 90 minute session is indicated, and this would be charged at £150. Fees must be paid by bank transfer prior to the start of an appointment.

I am also registered with AXA, Bupa and Vitality Health.

Psychological therapy

The next stage then involves working together using evidence based psychological therapies (such as CBT) to actively address your difficulties and help you to work towards your goals

Clinical Supervision

I also offer supervision to qualified therapists, including Clinical Psychologists and CBT therapists. Please contact me for current rates.

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